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Personal Training - Strength and conditioning 

Specific to your needs

Cutomised Exercise Programs: Based on the results of the fitness assessment and the client's goals, personal trainers create customized exercise programs that are tailored to the client's needs and abilities. These programs may include strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and flexibility training.

1-1 Personal Strength Training 

  • Strength and Conditioning Training focusing on improving athletic performance, including strength, speed, and agility.

  • Rehabilitation training, working with clients who have suffered injuries or have medical conditions that require rehabilitation through exercise.

  • Fitness training specialised in preparing athletes for fitness competitions, helping them develop a well-rounded physique that meets the specific criteria of the competition

Individual session : £30

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Small Group PT 

A small group of between 1-5 members with a dedicated personal trainer adapting exercises to help each individual work towards their personalised goals. 

Block booking : Lookout for group sessions

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