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Lactate Testing

How Can Lactate Testing Help Athletes?

Lactate testing is for anyone and everyone who wants a true marker of their body deals with the demands of exercise. 


The primary benefit of lactate testing is getting a simple summary of how the body is coping with the workload for training and comparative purposes.

Athletes have their own individual lactate profile, which shows their physiological response to a given workload it is individualised and not comparable. 


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The most important take home information that coaches look for is adaptation to the work being placed on the athlete. If the same workload is easier for the body, the athlete is increasing their fitness, this is why it is such a key marker in measuring adaptation in sport. 

Measuring lactate levels throughout different times of the season allows an athlete to understand how they are adapting to training or provides them with information to build from. 

Here's How We Do It...

The lactate test measures the accumulation of blood lactate at increasing intensities.

During the test, participants will complete around five stages at increasing intensities. This will be determine based on your current level of fitness, and small blood samples will be taken from your finger between stages to measure lactate levels in the blood.


We use the data collected during the test (lactate, heart rate, and speed/power) to determine your anaerobic threshold, and establish specific heart rate and pace/power training zones to help you improve your sport-specific performance.

Price:   £60 per session  

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