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Bike Fitting Service


Aero bike fitting service is available to anyone who wants to save more time, become more efficient and produce better results on the bike. 

The aim of the aero bike fitting session is to help the rider develop a position on their bike that offers a suitable, sustainable blend of comfort, power and low aerodynamic drag.

Less drag + same power = more speed

Please bring the following items to your bike fitting...


Cycling Shoes


Tri Suit, Skin Suit or Bib Shorts

Any tri bar risers/spacers.

Any other spares required to adjust bar position.

Aero or road helmet 

Aero road fit : £65

Aero TT bike fit : £80


Once you arrive, your bike will be set up and you'll be given the opportunity to warm up whilst discussing your riding and any problems you may be experiencing further.

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