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Swim Analysis




You will be provided real time video analysis with a coach to visually see your technique, both in and out the water.


The sessions themselves involve spending a short time getting warmed up and finding a 'flow rate' that feels comfortable for the swimmer. After that some baseline footage is taken, to show the swimmer exactly what they are doing as it stands.


We will break down every aspect of your technique. Paired with immediate feedback during the session. You will be provided drills to implement the changes required to swim faster.

Less drag + more propulsion  = more speed


1-2-1 session £50
-Begin with meeting the coach and running over the session
-Initial swimming with comfortable flow
-Filming of current baseline stroke 
-Instant analysis 
-Drills identified and practiced 
-Filming to review progress 
-Finally receive an email with videos from analysis and structured drills to improve stroke.


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